Free video poker on the internet

The most common place to get free video poker is on the internet where there is a variety of online casinos that offer free online video poker games at no cost. In addition, these sites usually offer free training sessions for the gamer. The downside to these ‘free video poker’ games is that sometimes the user may need to download the games and these costs a bit of money depending on the download speed of your computer.

However, the cost of download is usually quite low.These great free to play online video poker games are usually played using virtual cash whereby the gamer aims to accumulate the jackpot. This is why progressive jackpot is one of the most common types of video poker offered online. It is mostly for enjoyment and learning purposes rather than for winning actual cash prizes. The rules are also usually more relaxed when it comes to online video poker because there is no real money involved.

The only disadvantage of free video poker is that it is usually not entirely free because some fraudulent online casinos trick the players into giving them their credit card or bank details so that they can steal money from them.