How to Play Video Poker Games

Video poker is a video game that is played mostly in casinos in place of the actual table games. It is preferred because it is not quite as daunting. It is played on a computer monitor that resembles a television set. Playing online video poker games for free has became popular when it was possible to connect a computer console to a central processing unit.

The video game consoles have a slot for inserting money so as to activate the game. The player then places a bet and is given a number of cards, one of which he can discard or exchange for a new one. If the play matches a winning combination, the console pays to the pay table which determines the payout for each hands. The payout can be a pair of jacks, a three of a kind, a two pair, a full house, a straight, a four of a kind, a flush, a straight flush or a royal flush. These payouts are a combination of different types of cards of different values.

Video poker is a very addictive game and is popular in casinos as nowadays, the game works with progressive jackpots which entice players to place more money and play more.